Liang Li, PhD

Postdoc Scholar - Employee

The Ash2l SDI Domain Is Required to Maintain the Stability and Binding of DPY30.


Ma M, Zhou J, Ma Z, Chen H, Li L, Hou L, Yin B, Qiang B, Shu P, Peng X

MYH9 facilitates autoregulation of adipose tissue depot development.

JCI insight

Cheung SY, Sayeed M, Nakuluri K, Li L, Feldman BJ

The COMPASS Family Protein ASH2L Mediates Corticogenesis via Transcriptional Regulation of Wnt Signaling.

Cell reports

Li L, Ruan X, Wen C, Chen P, Liu W, Zhu L, Xiang P, Zhang X, Wei Q, Hou L, Yin B, Yuan J, Qiang B, Shu P, Peng X

PTB-AS, a Novel Natural Antisense Transcript, Promotes Glioma Progression by Improving PTBP1 mRNA Stability with SND1.

Molecular therapy : the journal of the American Society of Gene Therapy

Zhu L, Wei Q, Qi Y, Ruan X, Wu F, Li L, Zhou J, Liu W, Jiang T, Zhang J, Yin B, Yuan J, Qiang B, Han W, Peng X

Generating a reporter mouse line marking medium spiny neurons in the developing striatum driven by Arpp21 cis-regulatory elements.

Journal of genetics and genomics = Yi chuan xue bao

Chen P, Ruan X, Chen Y, Chu S, Mo K, Wu C, Liu W, Yin B, Zhou J, Li L, Hou L, Yuan J, Qiang B, Chen J, Shu P, Peng X

Mutation of the cellular adhesion molecule NECL2 is associated with neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder.

Journal of the neurological sciences

Xu Y, Li L, Ren HT, Yin B, Yuan JG, Peng XZ, Qiang BQ, Cui LY